Meet with the vicking Témoignages de participants Camp d’été en Italie avec Rotary Club de Sondrio

Hi you! I'm Greg from France.

I've been in Germany in july 2018 with the programm "Discover the northern part of Germany". Well, it was my first real trip to an absolute unknown place.

So, as you can see it in the video below, we were a 16-people group with two camp leaders, and we visited Hambourg (town and harbour), Lübeck, and Schwerin... So, it was a cultural trip, since we discovered what's a Landtag, we visited the Hanse museum, the university of Lübeck.

Otherwise, we also triedsome sports like beach volley, swimming, soccer, but also some kind of particular sports like pedalo, biking with six people on your bike. However my prefer one is water skiing, it was my first time, i tried, but i was successful... to drive straight, because i could't turn, so I fell and i fell. By the way, before to fall by water skiing, i fell by paddling, with my hostfamily.

And, well, about them, i have anything to say, except that they were very open-minded, kind, generous, they always paid attention if everything was alright. Ones of the most wonderful people i ever met! They enabled me to do some other first times, like golfing, or attending a horse run, where we bet, and we lost money... But, i think the craziest thing i did with my hostfamily was : going to the Elbphilharmonie, an concertroom, built only one year ago! The most acoustic one! And, if i have to tell you something about it, it is for sure that, i was at a concert! An awesome one! And just for this, i have to thank my host family.

Right, I think i told you the most necessary things. No! Wait, the most important thing you to know is that this trip (and all the rotarian trips, I think (yes, i only think so because it is my first one as i told you)) was full of meetings, meetings with your host family, meetings with their friends, meetings with your campfriends, meetings with people who organized them, and the ones who funded the trip. And, by the way, i thank all of these people to be themselves, to be kind, open-minded...

So, what's a rotarian trip? Well, i'd say it is knowing the world a little bit better than the one you know and you see now. If you still don't know if you should go, i tell you : YES! Look at the price, it is very little, and think that it is certainly a trip you're gonna remember for the rest of your life (for good reasons, of course:)).

Thank you for reading, and go, now, wherever you wanna go! :)


PS : the video is right here : , and there's also photos i joined if you want, and if you have questions, ask me, and i will answer you as soon as possible. :)